Our Boutique

Sweet Creations Lollipop Boutique began as a labor of love in the living room of Missy Simms.

She made her first custom lollipop in 2004, for her nephew’s baby shower. Unsurprisingly, the lollipops were a hit! Missy started making candy for holidays and other events, and eventually segued into gift baskets and year-round sales. As business got busier, the bins of candy in Missy’s living room bled onto her back porch and around the rest of her house—it was time to give the candy a home of its own.

As of November 2020, Missy is proud to be welcoming customers into Sweet Creations Lollipop Boutique, located in Mountain View Plaza Mall, 3503 Mountain View Drive. Come embrace your inner kid-in-a-candy-store!