Our Story

Missy Simms was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, but spent much of her childhood in Anchorage. She recalls walking to the neighborhood candy store in Russian Jack with her friends. It was a place that they, as young kids, could call their own—a gathering place that was safe, and reliably sweet.

Missy has always loved crafts, and as she grew up she found she could spread joy by sharing her crafting hobbies with others. She started making custom candy in 2004, and with the support of her community, has grown her business to provide chocolate, hard candy, gift baskets, and other goodies.

Mountain View is a place that reminds Missy of home. The kids from across-the-street Clark Middle School remind her of her friends growing up, and she wants to provide them a place to enjoy and eventually work, like her neighborhood candy store was for her.

Missy is thrilled to be opening shop in November 2020. Stop by and say hello! And in case you were wondering, Missy’s favorite sweets are hard candy, especially taffy and caramel.